Booking an Appointment

I work with all my coaching clients face-to-face and the length of coaching is arranged on an individual basis and subject to my clients needs. I meet my private clients in Central London. My corporate clients and I usually meet in a private office in their own organisation.

Most appointments are 90 minutes as this is usually necessary to meet your requirements and means that we work more intensively together over a shorter period of time.

Private clients pay for the first session prior to meeting. Arrangements for subsequent sessions are worked out on an individual basis after this. There is no requirement to agree to a set number of sessions in advance. The frequency and total length of time we work together can vary enormously, depending on the complexity of the issues involved and your individual needs.









Fee Structure

My fee for personal coaching is £90 per hour or £130 for a full 90 minute session. The number of coaching sessions really varies from client to client. Some clients see me for six months to a year whilst others only need a few sessions to work on an issue.

There is no obligation to pre–pay or to sign-up for a set number of sessions. Sessions are payable either by cash, cheque, electronic bank transfer or Google Checkout. I charge the full fee for appointments cancelled with less than 48 hours notice.

Corporate coaching rates are negotiated separately with clients subject to needs.
Consultancy fees are agreed either on a daily basis or a project basis.