Interim Manager
”We hired Ellen as an interim in a very sensitive role to help with the strategic development and implementation of our Equalities service. Ellen brought with her a wealth of experience and a brilliant ability to network. She has excellent communication skills and was able to engage with a range of partners across the authority with great ease. What I most enjoyed about working with Ellen is that she is always approachable; calm and has a very logical and methodical approach. Since then we have hired Ellen to facilitate senior management away days and to draft strategic guidance, both of which she has done with skill and professionalism.”
Olvia Fellas
Head of Equalities, Islington Council

Interim Consultancy
“Ellen Ryan is a focused, proactive consultant who has supported my service in a number of different ways over the past five years. She has drawn together key policies and strategies at a senior level and has developed cross-sector partnerships with major players which have demonstrated real benefits for everyone involved. I would highly recommend her abilities as an interim consultant to help solve your education, training and developmental problems.”

Brian Mitchell
Head of Adult and Community Learning, Camden Council

"Ellen has provided invaluable career development support to a number of teams within the business who have been faced with the uncertainty redundancy brings. Ellen has adopted a sympathetic but realistic approach and has adapted her coaching style to meet the different needs and skill levels of each team member. She has worked with both teams and individuals to help equip them with the tools and confidence they need to take the next step in their careers. It has been a pleasure to work with Ellen and we would look to engage her support should a similar situation occur in the future."
Beverley Woodhams
HR Advisor; Associated Newspapers Ltd

"I've known Ellen for many years and I know very few people who know more about lifelong learning. For instance, Ellen was one of my lead consultants on a major national assessment study concerned with learning and skills initiatives with offenders (see here) It covered over 140 innovative pilot projects across the 9 regions of England, from which we were required to identify best practice and lessons learned. Ellen was a great colleague to work with - her experience and insight was invaluable at every stage of the work and her analysis in relation to formal and non-formal curriculum and accreditation was exemplary."
Rick Parkes
Founder, Prevista Ltd - now an adviser on enterprise, employment, learning and regeneration

“Ellen tailored her approach to deal with people from a variety of grades and professions within the ONS. She proved to be enthusiastic, motivating and constructively challenging.
A member of the Human Resources team who used the service themselves said that compared to other career coaches that they have met, Ellen is 'one of the best'."
Claire Druce of the Career Transition Team at the Office for National Statistics

Corporate Coach
”As a CEO in a new and growing business it can be difficult finding a coach that understands the business environment; the people and dynamics and helps locate useful touchstones when the pace of activity is relentless. I found all this with Ellen.”
Steve Jeffery
Chief Executive, London Learning Consortium

Corporate Coaching
“We are a charitable organisation with the usual mix of financial and operational constraints. We invested in Ellen’s consultancy services to support the organisation through some challenging times. Ellen worked solidly with us and her input has been invaluable in changing the organisation (Board and senior management) mind-set from reactive to proactive and taking a “we can do” and “we will achieve” approach which is very in keeping with her style of working.”
Chief Executive
Mildmay Community Partnership

Leadership Coaching
“I approached Ellen to coach me through my new role as Director of a National Charity. Although experienced in the area, I needed strategic external support to help me take some brave new decisions around the direction of the organisation and the staffing structure in particular. Ellen helped me understand the issues that were challenging me most and why as well as practically putting together a plan to focus on activity rather than worry! We have restructured and gone on to double our income in these challenging times because we have focused on our strengths and clarified our thinking. That is Ellen’s strength.”

Director National Charity

Career Coaching
"Without wishing to sound too over the top, career coaching has literally transformed my life. Working as a barrister with a young family in a very competitive market meant that I was literally working 80 hour weeks just to keep up. I had no time for my family or myself and I was on the brink of quitting my career when Ellen was recommended to me. Coaching has really helped me regain control of my life. I am enjoying my professional life again; I have found time for myself and my family and I have secured a post in Sydney as we decided we should do some travel while the family are young.”

Managing Life Changes
“Facing retirement at 55 and I thought I would be over the moon. I had always wanted more time for myself and my hobbies - all that golf, decorating and walking the dog! The reality was something different. The sense of loss and emptiness was most unexpected and I was absolutely terrified of who I would be without a job. My best friend suggested that I see a Life Coach to help me sort out myself out! I hesitantly agreed. With Ellen’s support and great sense of humour, I have made many dramatic changes in the past twelve months and my body and mind appreciate them. I have learnt to value myself for who I am and enjoy life again. I am fit and healthy and I have explored my thirst for knowledge and started a part time degree in Humanities. I look after myself and I have learnt to laugh again. Nearly as good an investment as my pension!”
Investment Banker

Outplacement Workshop
“Just wanted to say thank you very much for the session yesterday Ellen - you were fantastic! A truly motivating and dynamic workshop. A great presentation on interview skills which has given me so much confidence: you knew your stuff, it was relevant and timely and I really got a lot out of it. Thank you”
National Newspaper Outplacement Workshop

Outplacement Workshop
“Ellen’s very warm and personable coaching really helped me at a critical point in my life. As well as having been made redundant, I was plagued with self doubt and a lack of direction. Ellen’s sessions helped me realise my strengths and set some empowering goals for the future. I felt as if there was a ‘clearing’ for the first time in a long time.”

Career Coaching
“Being made redundant after twenty years was a big shock to me, even if half expected. Ellen enabled me to better understand my circumstances; build my self confidence and re-focus in order to move forward and follow a direction that I knew was best for me and my career. I have been successful in finding a new career path in these challenging times. Ellen’s support has made all the difference, particularly when feeling the heat of defeat! Thank you so much.”


“It’s amazing that since I listened to your advice and optimized my CV, every job I apply for I am getting through to interview.  The Red Cross called me today for an interview for Executive Assistant PA - another good post, good salary and good employer. Thank you so much Ellen”
Outplacement Support

Courage to change
"Coaching with Ellen was like holding a mirror up for me. The answers were already with me and I just didn’t have confidence in my own judgement to determine my future. I have since gone on to gain two promotions in the middle of this recession. I feel empowered”
Personal Coaching







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