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Interim management

As the private sector emerges from recession but still generally faces tough economic conditions, and the public and third sectors face up to significant cost cutting, the challenges ahead remain significant for many of my corporate clients.

Some public sector clients are already freezing posts and looking at redeployment policies as the downsizing begins. At the same time, there is an expectation on senior management for continued service delivery.

I have been providing interim management services in the public sector for the last 10 years principally in the areas of education, adult learning, regeneration, equalities and children’s services. This is usually where high level management skills are required.

Most typically I provide interim management in:

I have spent my professional working life communicating with people at all levels to build their strengths and sense of purpose using a combination of management techniques and coaching approaches. My combined skills as a coach and a consultant means that I am highly experienced in meeting new people, new teams and new challenges. I relish the fast impact that an interim placement can bring to an organisation.

If you have a challenging transformation or change agenda or shortage of skills within your department or team and would like to discuss my services further, please do contact me.


















The benefits:

Cost effective



Swift impact

New insight