"Better keep yourself clean and bright; you are the window through which you must see the world."

George Bernard Shaw





The Walking Coach

The positive links between physical activity and mental well being are enormous and many of my clients have a desire to be fit and healthy and to enjoy life at its best. However, the demands of our busy lives can make that a challenge.

This is where the Walking Coach comes in!

Walking and coaching is the ideal opportunity for me to work with you in a more holistic way. It brings together the best of coaching psychology with health and well being, including the art of mindfulness to deliver good healthy mind and body results.

It is a relaxing way of working through some of the issues that you are feeling a bit stuck with whilst gaining the benefit of fresh air and fitness.

Using the parks and woodlands of London, I coach my clients to work through issues that are concerning them and help them pursue their personal and professional goals through a healthier and fitter lifestyle.

I use the natural beauty of the Gap of Dunloe in County Kerry (www.gapofdunloe.co.uk) to deliver workshops on personal development with small groups of women and to deliver corporate team building activities.

If you are interested in the Walking Coach, please contact me for further details. I would be delighted to walk with you.


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The benefits:

"Teaching all day and managing class room stress meant that I rarely did any exercise and I was getting more and more morose! I found Ellen through a friend and she has given me so much direction and sense of purpose.

I discovered the joy of teaching again! I have learnt to say no with confidence and to manage my state better. I have time for me. Thanks Ellen."

Science Teacher

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