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Women Returning to Work

Returning to the world of paid or unpaid work after a few months of leave, or a career break of several years can feel scary! It can be daunting to work through these issues on your own and to have confidence in your own perspective.

Whether you were a corporate high flier, or a mature job seeker with little in the way of recent experience, everyone has their own issues which can include a general lack of confidence, and uncertainty about the currency of your skills, knowledge or contacts and issues around balancing family and work life.

Women with children often find it difficult to make the right choices for their working lives. Some lose confidence after taking a career break, while others fear that home life can’t mix well with work… and then there’s the challenge of finding a job that fits round family commitments.

The Programme

It’s well worth investing in yourself to ensure you make the right choices, and that you don’t sell yourself short. Professional career coaching can significantly increase your chance of getting the job you really want. It can also help you get a job sooner than you would without support.

I have considerable experience and success in coaching women to return to work at all levels. I run an intensive support programme for women returners which combines one to one coaching and workshops.

1. One to One Coaching

One-to-one coaching sessions

As a qualified career coach, I provide one-to-one sessions where you choose the focus for the session and get all the benefits of my full attention, listening to your issues and guiding you through them. Before your session, I always arrange a short telephone consultation with you to discuss what you are looking for and agree a programme of support depending on your needs.

Many of my clients seek support around important decisions such as:

For others, it is support around the ‘tools’ such as:


One-to-one coaching is charged at £90 per hour (and 1 hour is usually sufficient per session after the first two sessions).


2. The Career MOT

This is a 30 hour programme run over 10 weeks for groups of ten women maximum. It covers all the essential support and skills to help you get back to work. Coaching skills are embedded and women are encouraged in develop their confidence and self esteem through sharing experiences and building skills. Co–coaching is taught and encouraged.

Where am I?

If you’ve had a long break from work, it can be hard to get going again. Often your confidence is low, and you feel that your work skills are rusty. I can help you build your confidence and assess the skills you can offer employers.

What do I want to do next?

Maybe you don’t want to go back to the type of work you were doing before you had children? Maybe you’re not sure about whether to work part-time or full-time? Maybe you’re worried about what will happen to family life if you go back to work? I can support you as you think through your options and reach a clearer picture of what you really want from work.

What is holding me back?

Overcoming those barriers that seem so daunting at first can be very helpfully dealt with in a supportive group setting where the focus is on building your confidence. I can help you think of ways to sort out childcare, deal with health issues, or tackle other concerns.

Improving your skills for the market

I can advise you on how to go about gaining skills to get back to work. Whether you need to build your IT or language skills, or take a vocational course to prepare for a new career, I can point you in the right direction and even help you get a place on a course.

Better job applications

You need to make sure your application gets to the top of the pile!  I can help you write a more compelling CV, fill in job application forms in a way that sells your skills, and also perform better in interviews. My practical advice and guidance can make a significant difference to your chance of success.

Presenting with Success

For many people the fear of performing at interview is a major obstacle and caught up in concerns about ’failure’. I can help you to learn how to best present yourself at interview and sell your skills and experience to the highest level.

Finding job vacancies

Once you have a career plan in place, together we can look at employment in your chosen area.

Ongoing Support

I provide ongoing one to one support post course to help you build on your sense of direction and to give you the confidence to realise your plan.

Register now

The programme of courses starts in September 2010 and takes place between 10am and 1pm. The fee for a ten week course is £500 and individual coaching sessions are charged separately.

Please contact me for an initial chat if you are interested.


"Women are like tea bags. We don't know our true strength until we are in hot water."

Eleanor Roosevelt
Author, speaker, politician, and activist

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